Unity Engineers


The CSTUR Reactor is used in manufacture of Flexible Polyurethan Foam. The system has capability of accurately dosing 7 different liquids having wide range of density, viscosity etc. as well as gas for attaining the precise chemical reaction. This principle is applied for variety of chemical reactions.

REACTOR MOC: Austenitic Stainless Steel, Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel etc.
Heating / Cooling: Limpet/External Jacket with optional heating/cooling from the shaft.
Chemical Processes: Halogenation. Reactions where gas is produced during reaction.


1) Can handle liquids / slurries with ease.
2) Reaction times from a few seconds to few hours.
3) Excellent mixing.
4) High throughput rate.
5) Heat transfer area of the order of 50-100 m2/m3
6) Flexibility of availing extra feed/ sampling/sensing points anywhere along the axis.
7) Feasibility of providing catalyst packs in the flow line or along the reactor wall.