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We at CNC EXIMS is an emerging FMCG exporter from Gujarat Region, India. We facilitate our buyers with packaged foods, toiletries, consumables, personal care brands under one roof. It also includes products like vegetables, grocery and dairy products. Our FMCG Portfolio includes : Biscuits, Peanut Butter, Natural Honey, Iodised Salt, Biscuit Wafers, Wafer Roll, Indian Spices etc.
Moreover, such products are consumed daily by people across the globe. Thus, we are contributing our presence in the day-to-day life of the people around the globe.
We are currently present in Cambodia, Indonesia, Australia, Guyana, Sri Lanka, Zambia & growing.
FMCG is the 4th largest sector of the Indian economy.


Multi-flora honey is sourced from a variety of flowers and herbs. In colour, it ranges from White to Amber. The honey possesses a mild aroma, pleasant flavour and High Medicinal Value often incorporated in combating allergies. Frequent consumption of Multi-flower Honey also aids in heart, stomach as well as intestinal ailments and therefore, can be consumed by adults and children alike, as a natural alternative to sugars and sweeteners

Spices & Condiments

India is known as the home of spices and boasts a long history of trading with the ancient civilizations of Rome and China. Today, Indian spices are the most sought after globally for their exquisite aroma and taste. India is the world’s largest producer and exporter of spices. India primarily exports pepper, cardamom, ginger, turmeric, chili, coriander, cumin, fennel, fenugreek, celery, clove, nutmeg and mace, garlic, tamarind and vanilla. Processed spices such as spice oils and oleoresins, mint products, curry powder, spice powders, blends and seasoning are also available. At CNC EXIMS, we can provide products with your own brand name and can also export these in bulk packaging. The products can be packaged and delivered at competitive rates.

Fresh & Frozen Vegetables

CNC EXIMS has worked with various greenhouses in Maharashtra (India) who produce exquisite and international fresh fruits and vegetables. We can supply these to our clients in fresh or frozen form. We can supply all fruits and vegetables produced in greenhouses for our clients across the world

Iodised Salt

India is well-known for producing sea salt due to its vast coastline. We have partnered with three of the biggest manufacturers from Gujarat and supply the best quality sea salt to our esteemed clients in UAE, Saudi Arabia and Jordan. All our products can be provided in the quantities you desire and with the requisite packaging. The above products are just a few of those on offer, as we are able to procure almost any commodity you require for your market and can arrange the quantity and packaging to suit your requirements. We are looking forward to establishing a healthy and long term business relationship with you and your esteemed company based on mutual trust and our shared interest in growing our businesses.


One of our most loved products is the Mayonnaise. We offer to our customers various types of Mayonnaise – Plain, Mint, Tandoori & Schezwan, which is made from the finest quality ingredients in a very hygienic and quality conscious environment. Our Mayonnaise is available in retail pack in 1kg PET Bottles and also available in institutional packaging of 1kg and 5 kgs.

Fruit Jams

We provide our customers with the finest quality of Jams made from Fresh Fruit Pulp. The bare minimum Fruit Pulp content in our Jams is 45%. We have various types of Jams to offer such as: Orange Marmalade, Strawberry, Pineapple, Mixed Fruit.

Dehyderated Vegetables

The Western region of India is very well known for various types of dehydrated vegetables and CNC EXIMS is one of the pioneers of these products. We have different types of dehydrated vegetables to offer our clients in powder, minced or kibble form. These are as follows:
  • Dehydrated Onion
  • Dehydrated Carrot
  • Dehydrated Cabbage
  • Dehydrated Garlic
  • Dehydrated Potato
  • Dehydrated Red Chilli


We are one of the eminent exporters of various types of Indian Styl Pickles which comprise a delightful blend of premium quality vegetables, fruits and spices. Gujarat is one of the few states in India having the maximum consumption of pickles and owing to the same, we have tied up with one of the leading manufacturers and processes of Pickles from here. We offer a wide range of pickles such as:

Mango Cut Pickle; Shredded Mango Pickle; Garlic Pickle; Mixed Pickle; Mixed Relish Pickle; Green Chilli Pickle; Lime Pickle; Dry Garlic Chutney; Indian Style Chutney with Mango.

We offer our pickles in various pack sizes starting from 100g to 1kg for retail customers and institutional packs of up to 5kgs.

Tomato Ketchup

We offer our customers with one of the most premium quality Tomato Ketchup prepared from juicy, ripen and garden fresh tomatoes in compliance to set food industry norms internationally. Known for its unique taste and flavour, our Fresh Tomato Ketchup adds extra value and taste to variety of foods. We offer Fresh Tomato Ketchup in hygienic and sound packaging. We offer our customers with various packaging options such as:

HDPE Bottles – 250g, 500g, 1kg Institutional Packaging – 1kg, 5kg Bulk Packaging

Canned Pulses, Vegetable & Fruits

We offer our customers with Sterilized, Canned and Ready to use Pulses
packed in Food Grade Tin Packaging. These are pre-cooked and ready to
use immediately after opening the product. We have a very wide variety of
Pulses which are fresh from the farms, of the most premium quality and
impeccable in taste. These are processed in the most hygienic conditions
whilst following stringent ISO 22000:2005 and HACCP norms. The various
Canned Pulses offered by us are :

Chickpeas, Red Kidney Beans, Baby Corn, Baby Okra, Baked Beans, Bitter
Ground Slice, Black Beans, Black Eye Beans, Chick Peas, Cream Style
Corn, Green Peas, Navy Beans, Pinto Beans, Red Kidney Beans, Sweet
Corn, White Kidney Beans.

Salad Dressings

Our premium range of Salad Dressings is not just delicious but also the
perfect add-on to the healthy salads. We ensure that all of our Salad
Dressings consist of hand-picked raw materials and ingredients to give
our customers the most flavourful taste. We have the following Salad
Dressings to offer to our clients:

Italian, French, Vinaigrette & Thousand Island<br><br>

The above mentioned products are available in various pack sizes ranging
from 100g to 500g as per the preference of our customers.

Peanut Butter

We are one of the leading Exporters of Peanut Butter. Our Peanut Butter are perfectly blended with accurate proportion of ingredients to produce the most delicious spreads which are loved by our customers worldwide.We have the following types of Peanut Butter available:

Creamy Peanut Butter, Crunchy Peanut Butter, Chocolate Peanut Butter

The above items are available in 410g and 1000g PET JARS.


We offer our customers with a wide range of delightful and premium Sauces which are a perfect add on to your delicious food. These sauces not only add that extra flavour to your food but also make it much more appeasing. We provide a wide variety of Sauces such as :

BBQ Sauce, Brown Sauce, Red Chilli Sauce, Soya Sauce, Mint Sauce, Worcestershire Sauce, Red Hot Pepper Sauce, Chinese Beans Sauce.

Indian Curries & Cooking Pasts

Indian Curries & Cooking Pastes are essentially associated with every region of India with its distinct flavour. The secret of making a perfect curry is to have the perfect cooking paste/ sauce. At HOMEMADE we brings finger licking cooking pastes & cooking sauces which also saves your time, wastage, and most importantly your hardwork.

Ginger Garlic Paste, Simmer Sauce Lababdar, Simmer Sauce Tikka Masala, Simmer Sauce Jalfrezi, Simmer Sauce Rogan Josh, Simmer Sauce Makhani, Marinade Tandoori Masala, Marinade Tikka Masala, Marinade Hyderabadi Green, Marinade Kashmiri, Marinade Kabab, Pizza Sauce Traditional, Sauce Schezwan Hot, Tomato Ketchup.