Unity Engineers


Pin Mill Reactor can facilitate quick chemical reactions with flexibility to carry out small volume to high volume reactions.

REACTOR MOC: Austenitic SS, Martensitic SS, Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel, Glass etc.
MEDIA: Ceramic, Hastelloy, SS etc. Catalyst packed media also possible.
Heating / Cooling: Single/ Double side jacket with annular chamber.
Chemical Processes: Suitable for UV light reaction, Sulfonation, Nitration.

1) Can handle liquids / slurries with ease.

2) Reaction times from a few seconds to few hours permissible.

3) Circular agitation movement for a more efficient mixing performance.

4) Feasibility of providing catalyst packs in the flow line within the Stirring Media.

5) No rotating seals.

6) Feasibility to provide visual observation of reaction process through glass windows.

7) Heat transfer area of the order of 100-200 m2/m3