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Flow Reactors

If you are looking for following...

1. Better product quality, higher production yield and lower capital cost.
2. Continuous reaction process with uniform reaction.
3. Solution for high pressure reaction with enhanced safety and lower space requirement.
4. Lower process waste and higher product yields.
5. Reduction in down stream process.
6. Better energy efficiency.
7. Accurate pumping solution.

……we can help you find a viable solution.

Advantages of Flow Reactor

  • Flow reactors offer higher yields due to better control & consistency of process variables like temp, pressure, concentration and mixing within the reaction matrix.
  • The distinct technical advantages include:
1) High heat transfer area per unit volume of reactor.
2) Rapid mass transfer.
3) High Interfacial Area.
4) Minimum interaction of reacted, unreacted and semi reacted mass.
5) Enhanced safety as very high pressure can be very safely accommodated.
6) Much lower space requirement.
7) Lower generation of waste resulting in better yields.
8) Reduction in downstream process.
9) Greater Energy efficiency.